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“Hatsune” in Japanese means the first sound of Spring, referring to the sound of fresh, cool running water that has just melted from the snow-peaked mountains of Japan.

Opened in 2001, Hatsune Japanese restaurant is the original Californian-Japanese fusion concept. Always imitated, but never replicated, Hatsune is a time-tested stalwart that has become a veritable institution in Beijing’s dining scene, the very first of its kind in China?to feature innovative, cutting-edge California-style sushi rolls on its menu.


Alan Wong

隐泉品牌创始人兼CEO Alan Wong是一位美籍华人,大学主修哲学,他曾经在美国加州日式料理店工作了四年,也是这些积累让他成为一位美食爱好者。Alan最喜欢加州风格的日式料理,作为将加州风味日式料理带入中国的第一人,并一直强调做任何事情都需要做到最好。

Born and raised in California, Hatsune’s founder and CEO Alan?Wong?has consistently blown the minds of guests at his restaurants since the very first?Hatsune?restaurant opened in 2001, just over 13 years ago! Having spent 4 years rolling sushi while he got his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Alan was the very first in China to open a Californian-Japanese style restaurant known for its creativity and cool Californian vibes.


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The original Californian-Japanese fusion concept in China, Hatsune is a time-tested stalwart that has become a veritable institution in Beijing’s dining scene.


葉奈(Hana by Hatsune),位于CBD国贸商城内,是隐泉为顶级食客全新呈现的高阶日料品牌。

“葉奈HANA” ,日语中“花”的意思,在夏威夷语中意味着家人。葉奈温馨、优美的“竹林雅居”环境设计惊艳业界,夜晚时分更是把京城美景尽收眼底!

Located in the newly opened China World Mall in the heart of Beijing’s CBD, HANA is a new concept by the Hatsune restaurant group?designed to appeal to foodies who truly appreciate fine foods.

Meaning “flower” in Japanese and “family” in Hawaiian, HANA is focused on family-style sharing in an ambiance that exudes beauty.?The interior design of HANA is inspired by Kyoto’s bamboo forests, which are unparalleled in raw beauty, tranquility and elegance.





Specializing in spicy Hunan fare,?Karaiya?serves up flavorful dishes with a spicy kick using only top-notch quality ingredients and Western style presentation. Tailored to those who love spice, this restaurant features classic Hunan dishes – specialties include?Karaiya’s Signature Ribs – a marinated bridge of hot and sour pork ribs topped with spices and peanuts and?Karaiya’s Signature Fish – a steamed whole Mandarin fish with red and yellow chillies. Recently renovated in a new space a few doors down from its original location,?Karaiya?is a tried-and-true hot spot for those who like it hot. Can you handle the spice?


森海·隐泉SHINKAI by Hatsune日式料理店位于河北秦皇岛北戴河阿那亚海边风景区,是隐泉旗下第16家餐厅。在阿那亚除了东边有海,西边还有一处郁郁葱葱的刺槐林。餐厅周围槐树四面环抱,三个空间插入到树林中,三面落地玻璃,使食客获得最大的景观体验:“密叶繁阴画不成,卷帘双眼为渠明”。森海不仅保留了深受食客喜爱的隐泉经典菜品,如蝴蝶卷、煎鹅肝牛肉等,还有曾经一面市便惊艳味蕾的月度招牌菜蒜烧橙鲷等。其中的创新菜品——森海卷和森海招牌鸡素烧是阿那亚食客的专属。

Located in the luxurious new Aranya Seaside Resort Village in Beidaihe. Shinkai?- meaning “forest sea” – showcases the tranquility of the surrounding landscape with panoramic windows that allow for an immersive encounter with nature. With zen gardens and open courtyards just a stone’s throw away from the sea, the captivating beauty of the location sets the tone for the Japanese izakaya dining experience that?Shinkai?offers.

With headline dishes like the Australian Wagyu Sukiyaki,?Shinkai?offers a unique range of menu items designed for sharing. Inspired by the striking seaside greenery alongside Hatsune’s?signature California style sushi, guests can enjoy the refined experience of a Japanese Izakaya with?a range of specialty sushi rolls and yakimono grilled seafood and skewers.?Serving refined dishes in a stunning setting,?Shinkai?offers an exquisite dining experience in the calm away from the bustle of Beijing life.